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  • Video episode: 523 – Fortified Networks 52:41
    This week on WELSTech, we bring in the network security experts from our own WELS Technology team for an overview of the why, what, and how of network security, ...
  • Video episode: 522 – Pa33w0rds! 58:29
    A new month of WELSTech brings a new topic…this one both timely and critical…security! How safe is your data? Who knows your password? How about your ...
  • Video episode: 521 – Reformation 500! 46:02
    Video month concludes on WELSTech in style with guest host Jason Schmidt and a celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, including great ministry ...
  • Video episode: 520 – Video Tips from the Pros 1:11:14
    WELSTech continues a month-long focus on video for church and school as we add Steve & Beth Zambo to the conversation. They share helpful ideas about storytelling, ...