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  • Video episode: 506 – Robot Ministry 39:00
    This week on WELSTech Sallie shares the details of a robotics camp she and Kevin ran last week. Chromebook tips and classroom screen sharing round out a show focused ...
  • Video episode: 505 – It’s All About The Docs 36:53
    This week on WELSTech we take a deep dive into the topic of cloud storage, focusing on the reasons to consider migrating your church and school contents to the cloud ...
  • Video episode: 504 – I Remember Those Funny Codes 30:48
    WELSTech’s summer series, featuring Ministry Resources, continues this week. Apple makes an interesting move which causes us to take another look at the QR Codes for ...
  • Video episode: 503 – Comparing Event Video Notes 39:34
    On this week’s episode of WELSTech, Martin shares his thoughts on the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for ministry. There’s also a post-wedding video discussion and ...