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FatGuyRadioShow a weekly comedy radio show chopped ull of stories, ball busting, trending topics, and hilarious backwards opinions.

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  • Audio-episode: My Socks Is Wet 1:06:03
    Labor Day snore. Joan Rivers death conspiracy. Lil D in studio. Everyone has nudes except Cory. DTays check. Network Ice Bucket challenge fail. Live ice bucket ...
  • Audio-episode: Lubitious
    Cory’s at Walmart and ends up looking like a child stalker. One arm mechanic. Loofah vs Sea Sponge. Robin Williams reaction letters. Gavin Degraw is on Fire and more ...
  • Audio-episode: Robin Williams
    Robin Williams. How he affected our lives. We reveal some very personal moments. Our greatest memories. Then we dumb it up. Cannit and eye balling the isolated corner. ...
  • Audio-episode: Chicken Crack Den
    Google buys twitch. Facebook #burnchallenge videos. Cory’s chicken apology. Angry black Walmart shoppers. We’re all gonna die! Phillipious stops producing. ...