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Just A Spoonful is a monthly conversation where the guests are living with chronic illness/disability and the host is exhausted. It was going to be weekly but I'm too f***ing tired. This is how we live, and what we live for. Hosted by Kaitlyn Plyley.

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  • Audio-episode: Episode 10 - Miranda Sparks 1:22:01
    "If you think we're brave, ask yourself why we have to be brave." My guest this episode is Miranda Sparks - comedian, radio personality, transgender advocate, and ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 9 - Priscilla Sutton 1:07:18
    Priscilla Sutton is a right leg amputee, but in 2010 she found she had too many legs. Obsolete prosthetic legs, cluttering up her storage spaces. So, she came up with a ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 8 - Amy Dallas 1:44:01
    "I couldn't get comfortable and was like, something's not right." Amy Dallas, founder and CEO of Brisbane fashion label Chronic Youth, has been living with chronic pain ...
  • Audio-episode: Episode 7 - Benjamin McLeay (Thomas Violence) 1:47:29
    Thousands of people read Thomas Violence's tweets every day - funny, cutting, and sometimes a live feed into the hectic mind of someone with rapid-cycling Bipolar ...