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Series exploring the practice of researching family history, one of the UK's most rapidly growing pastimes

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  • Audio-episode: TYR: What Happens Next Part 2 11 Oct 11 28:15
    The sculptor turned revolutionary. The rumour Queen Alexandra attempted suicide. The German POW father lost after the war. Sally and Nick discover new information and ...
  • Audio-episode: What Happens Next: Part 2 28:06
    The accidental tourist who turned out to be a full blooded revolutionary. The family tale of Queen Alexandra attempting suicide. And finding the POW father who ...
  • Audio-episode: TYR: What Happens Next 04 Oct 11 28:08
    Listeners tell Sally and Nick what happened after their stories were featured on Tracing Your Roots: relatives united, a whole new family discovered, and the lost ...
  • Audio-episode: What Happens Next: Part 1 27:58
    When Sally and Nick are able to provide vital new clues for listeners, they often wish they knew what listeners decide to do next with this new found information. ...